AROLAB Organic®

For all living beings, human beings included.

I have worked in the fields of health, architecture, and the environment for more than half of my life.

I have worked within a health, architectural and environmental awareness sphere for most of my career. I ended up believing that beauty and health should be synonyms with one another and be the outcome of harmony between what we are, how we feel and how we would like to see ourselves throughout the different stages of our existence.

I have created AROLAB Organic®, Organic AROmatherapy LABoratory, to offer you only the best, without any exceptions.
I have created AROLAB Organic®, to offer you the best natural and eco-vegan alternative to luxury synthetic cosmetics on the market today.
I have created AROLAB Organic®, because I am convinced that, to improve the world, it is necessary to pursue excellence while respecting ethical values.

I could make an endless list of all the substances that our products do not contain. Instead, I prefer to assure you that the ingredients we have used are extremely effective: you will immediately notice the immense power and deep pleasure that natural substances offer when they are really of the highest quality.

Thank you, thank you, and thank you again.

Luca Lancini, architect
AROLAB Organic®, Premium Eco-Vegan Cosmetics.