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We are very excited to be the sponsor of Beauty Consistency, a virtual space to spread the initiatives, projects, and activities that take place around the world and that stand out for the beauty and consistency of the values they promote.

No doubt, it is a blog against the tide, which instead of spreading alarming and catastrophic news, shares the only good news concisely and effectively. For example, we will point out how a forward-looking perspective, which respects animals, the environment, and society, promotes a more creative and conscious economy and substantially improves the life of our planet.

The objective of the blog Beauty Consistency is, therefore, to give more media coverage to everything beautiful that happens in the world. In other words, our goal is to return to have more confidence in the human being and ourselves and to be a source of realistic optimism that creates a society more aware, more responsible, and, undoubtedly, happier.

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Beauty Consistency, where beauty meets ethics.